What is ICO?

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a form of investment attraction by way of selling a fixed amount of new cryptocurrency units to investors which can be used for purchase of the project goods or services.

What is pre-ICO?

Pre-ICO is sale of tokens before the official ICO.

What for does Composite Cylinders Advanced carry out ICO?

We sell CCA tokens in order to attract financial resources for making a working model of unique composite gas cylinders of type 4 for CNG and LPG storage.

Why does ССА emit own cryptocurrency instead of attracting traditional venture capital?

Our project is more than just manufacture of composite cylinders. It is aimed at creation and distribution of their production technology through developing a network of composite cylinders production complexes around the world together with local partners.

It is limited expansion of this technology which causes high prices for type 4 composite cylinders and is a stop-factor blocking their promotion in the market and replacement of metal cylinders.

Using the blockchain and own cryptocurrency we give holders of our tokens a unique opportunity to gain access to this high technology. Each holder of CCA tokens will be able to convert them into shares of local composite cylinders production complexes which will be located all over the world near the main markets.

In addition, it will be possible to exchange our tokens for the composite cylinders themselves or to present them for buy-back in accordance with the terms of the smart contract.

Thus, our offer is open and irrevocable for all ICO participants which is impossible within the framework of standard capital instruments in the corporate finance market.

What are the major advantages of your project?

The major competitive advantage of our project is radical 2- or 3-fold reduction of composite cylinders cost compared to those of competitors. Besides, composite cylinders are 3 to 4 times lighter than metal ones and are safe in use as they have a nonshattering destruction pattern.

Why is it more profitable to invest at the pre-ICO stage?

At the pre-ICO stage the tokens are sold at a discount. At an earlier stage the discount is bigger.

What is you token's name?

The token's name is Composite Cylinders Advanced (CCA).

Is the amount of CCA tokens limited?

The total amount emitted is 100 mln tokens. During the pre-ICO and ICO stages 80 mln tokens will be sold. 18 mln tokens will stay with the project team and consultants. The rest 2 mln tokens will be used for marketing and project promotion.

What is the price of your token?

During the Token Sale stage 80 mln CCAs will be sold. At the pre-ICO stage 20 mln CCAs will be sold and at the ICO stage  60 mln CCAs will be sold. Pricing policy till the end of Token Sale:

First round of Presale (8 mln CCAs), 1 CCA = 0.025 USD;

Second round of PreSale (6 mln CCAs), 1 CCA = 0.0325 USD;

Third round of PreSale (4 mln CCAs), 1 CCA = 0.0425 USD;

Fourth round of PreSale (2 mln CCAs), 1 CCA = 0.05 USD;

First round of Sale (2.5 mln CCAs), 1 CCA = 0.05 USD;

Second round of Sale (5 mln CCAs), 1 CCA = 0.06375 USD;

Third round of Sale (7.5 mln CCAs), 1 CCA = 0.0675 USD;  

Fourth round of Sale (10 mln CCAs), 1 CCA = 0.07125 USD;

Fifth round of Sale (35 mln CCAs), 1 CCA = 0.075 USD.

How do you buy CCA tokens?

To buy tokens you should create your personal area at  https://sale.cylinders.io.  In order to participate in token sale you have to make payments in ETH or BTC.  For this you can create your Ethereum or BTC personal wallet. For its creation you can use recommendations from bitcoin.org (BTC) and official web site of Ethereum ethereum.org (ETH). Then make payments in ETH or BTC to the wallet's address posted in your personal area. In addition, you may make your payments through online exchange or exchange services. Detailed information on token purchase is posted in your personal area.

How do you create a wallet for cryptocurremcy?

You can use recommendations from bitcoin.org for selection of your BTC wallet and those from Ethereum official website ethereum.org for selection of your ETH wallet. There are no limitations with regards to wallets to be used for  purchase of our tokens.

Can you pay from exchange or another service?

Yes, you can. Since we accept ETH or BTC only you may need to buy them at an exchange office or at an exchange. During the output or exchange operations you should state the ETH or BTC wallet posted in your personal on-line area as the final address. After completion of the transaction the related amount of tokens will be registered to your personal account. Please note that for exchange or transfer operations additional fees can be charged.

How does buy-back mechanism work?

Mechanism of buy-back of tokens is described in details in White Paper of the project which can be read on the website. Every month 30 % of the revenue will be directed through smart contract to buy-back of distributed at ICO tokens. When doing so tokens will be eliminated. As a result, such a policy will lead to reduction of coins amount in circulation, thus ensuring permanent rise in their value. This represents a principally new approach in regard to ICO which is honest and understandible for investors to the maximum extent.

What guarantees can you provide to your investors?

CCA can be sold at the exchange. Besides, we provide CCA holders with an opportunity of selling their tokens within the framework of buy-back program. Starting with January 2019 we plan to send  monthly 30 % of the revenue to buy-back of the tokens.

Who are members of the team?

The project team includes high-end professionals who have many years of experience in research of composite materials, creation of gas cylinders production work orders and their introduction to the world market.

Why is it worthwhile for me to invest in your project?

Composite Cylinders Advanced is an innovation project of the real economy with results representing the goods highly-demanded in the energy and car industries and having a huge growth potential driven by replacement of old-fashioned analogues in the market. This project will provide high rise in the investment value of CCA tokens which will be resistant to speculative manipulations in the cryptocurrency markets, since the tokens will be backed by real assets and cashflows of highly profitable production plants.

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